Institutional Distinctiveness

Students are given chance to write and express their own ideas in a good form and in different languages through these magazines. These magazines contain a number of articles, poem, stories and plays as well that are written mainly by the students, sometime by the teachers. Vadhans initiative in college was started since 2016. That is the wall magazine where the students and other members of our college can post their articles, poems, drawing and other such composition to share with each other. it is the source of express their creativity or innovative ideas in the form of wall magazine. The magazine is one of the means through which the talent of the students comes out. The main aim of the ‘Vadhans’ wall magazine is to initiate writing tendency in students. This sharpens their thinking skills and gives them the necessary confidence to express better, to make students aware about the folk song and composition of Punjab. The prime purpose of mobilising wall magazine is to initiate writing on current incidents, to develop literature oriented habits. The wall magazine is a periodical run on a notice board. They inspire, inform and entertain. The experience of reading a magazine is often and intensely personal one with the reader in a completely absorbed and so respective mood.

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1 Institutional Distinctiveness